My 1st Time

So, not sure where to begin with this. I’m not sure whether to treat this as a diary about my life and things that interest me, or more as a “let’s just get on with it and see where we end up”.

But firstly let me introduce myself. I’m 25 and currently at University, which is abit “blah”, but enjoying the experience of independent life. I love watching movies…romcoms all the way. But i am starting to enjoy a lot of  tv series, procrastination is getting the better of me.I love healthy lifestyle trends, and anything beauty related and organic, you can bet i’ll be copying it tomorrow!

As university ends, I am working up towards starting my fitness. My life these past 4 years, have made me extremely lazy and i need a new fix. Ive never travelled before, and this is something i am planning to do, my love for the world, culture and different people is intriguing and hopefully one day, sooner rather than later, ill be able to say “I’ve travelled the world”.

Let’s see whats next…


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