Life right now

So life right now is a constant blank. I should be focused on writing my dissertation, I have 3 weeks to write 9,000 words, but procrastination is getting the better of me, everyday. My dissertation is on psychology in the workplace. As i am studying business, and I have real interest in psychology, these two topics are very fitting.

I am often asking myself, is it fair for organisations to put immense amount of pressure that they do on employees, just to make a more profitable business? Did you know that 45% of people who who been stressed due to their work life commitments, have become depressed as a consequence. I am finding this way of life, this common path that majority of people are following into the corporate world, incomprehensible.

I often hear news of young people, so overcome by stress, because of the amount of pressure their organisations have put on them, that the only option left is suicide.  Many of my friends working in the corporate banking world, where shifts start around 8am ending whenever they get their work done. Majority of my friends are under so much pressure to “close that client”, they are in work at 7am not leaving till 2-3am in the morning, then coming back at 7am to do it all over again. Worse yet, sometimes not even going home at all. It was reported that a 21-year old bank intern who collapsed and died after working 72-hours straight, how did this happen, and how did no one notice this?

The importance of work-life balance within organisations is shunned upon, and often seen as a feminist need. The only real reason we are working, is so that we can set up our future. I’m not saying that some of us do not enjoy going to work, sometimes it can be very rewarding, but is it really a need to punish ourselves to get the job done.

My argument here is not that everyone should have a  9-5 job, because careers such as the medical profession that just wouldn’t work. I am saying that management should be more involved in looking after employees well-being. In my own experience, I happily worked a 60 hour week, because my well-being at the organisation was important.

What the future holds, is scary but I am positive that one day this place can be one that we are proud of. If not me, then maybe my great, great ,great grandchildren…


Dissertation blues…

So I’m writing my dissertation on work life psychology…i’ll be honest, i chose this topic purely for the fact that i hated the work ethic at my organisation.

A lot of people don’t seem to understand the impact a stressful life can have in society.

My aim in life, is to impact the working world, by bringing an understanding of how important it is to look after each other first, before looking after a business. I agree you have to ‘work you arse off’ to be successful, but i’m saying big organisations asking their employees to work 50-60hours a week just to make a profit.

But anyway…this dissertation is slowly destroying my soul, i woke up with a massive sty under my eye. The irony of writing about stress, and actually developing stress from it…oh help me lord

My 1st Time

So, not sure where to begin with this. I’m not sure whether to treat this as a diary about my life and things that interest me, or more as a “let’s just get on with it and see where we end up”.

But firstly let me introduce myself. I’m 25 and currently at University, which is abit “blah”, but enjoying the experience of independent life. I love watching movies…romcoms all the way. But i am starting to enjoy a lot of  tv series, procrastination is getting the better of me.I love healthy lifestyle trends, and anything beauty related and organic, you can bet i’ll be copying it tomorrow!

As university ends, I am working up towards starting my fitness. My life these past 4 years, have made me extremely lazy and i need a new fix. Ive never travelled before, and this is something i am planning to do, my love for the world, culture and different people is intriguing and hopefully one day, sooner rather than later, ill be able to say “I’ve travelled the world”.

Let’s see whats next…